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Design Build

DCI is partnered with firms like Hetzel Architects & Russell Sears & Associates, AIA, LEED AP, and others to help our clients build more, from concept to construction.  We know how to build and by becoming part of the preconstruction team & and process we can give our customers an edge on building more quality for less. During the Pre-Construction process, we can identify potential problems or project downfalls and resolve them before they become issues.

Pre-Construction Services

When allowed to be part of the design team early on Dynamic Contracting can guide our clients through the best plan when thinking about the project, the budget, and schedule. 

The Pre Construction Services that we provide are:

  • Budgeting,

  • Schedule,

  • Consulting,

  • Contract Documents,

  • Planning

Dynamic Contacting is committed to becoming engaged as early on in a project as possible. Thorough pre construction involvement is the cornerstone to a collaborative, streamlined project that is delivered on time and within budget.

Our pre construction services include cost estimating, value engineering/value management, constructability analysis, site use and improvement consultation, material selection, identification of long-lead items, subcontractor recommendations, and building and special permit assistance.

Through use of our effective planning tools and strong team leadership, we take the unpredictability out of the ever-changing entitlement process. Our development background and long-standing relationships with numerous municipalities allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ needs to both understand and navigate this process.

Design Build​

Dynamic’s unique design-build approach relies on teams of architectural, engineering, real estate, construction, and property management professionals to devise the best solutions for our clients. This collaboration allows us to customize projects to meet clients’ needs on time and within budget. Decisions are made in real time, working with clients from the beginning, and simultaneously offering design, constructability, and pricing options.

The design-build approach allows us to effectively use “fast-tracking” to compress overall schedules and reduce 20-30% of the time required by the traditional process. We provide a guaranteed price in the very early phases of design, allowing clients to make early, accurate, and educated decisions from the very beginning of the process.

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